Wednesday, December 13, 2006


iPods these days are too small, why do they need to be so small?? why does everything need to get small in order to be technogically advanced?

I like my TV's big, my Stereo's massive, and my iPods able to fit in my hand. I have the video one, which is kinda pointless, as you need a magnifying glass to watch anything. Palm Pilots suck too. I would lose that little pen thing in about 2 seconds.

Anyway - seen as how they insist on making teeny tiny music players I suggest this: The tam-Pod

Holds at least 10 songs, and 4 tablespoons of uteral lining. Comes in Slim Mini (5 songs) or Maxi (20 songs).

Why not? surely they are in the process of making stupid iPods that fit inside your body. They may as well serve a purpose.

I also suggest: steel-plate-Pod.. Prosthetic Hip-Pod, Heart-Monitor-Pod, Lung-Pod.

At least you'd know no-one would be able to steal them at the gym.


redcap said...

Ha! I doubt that anyone would wish to steal them at the gym.

kate said...


but then again, someone might steal it while you are otherwise occupied.

michellesarah said...

Rach I just choked on my cup of tea.

the uteral lining part... yetch!