Monday, December 04, 2006

Stop the Madness!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick to death of hearing about idiotic P-Platers killing themselves, killing passengers, killing other drivers, and killing pedestrians.

I only just started driving on my L's, and I drive at about 40km, with my knuckles in a death grip, about 2 cm away from the windscreen. total nerd-burger.

Perhaps that sort of innate fear of killing people comes from being 26 ?? when I was 16 I was extremely arrogant and thought I was the shit, and totally invincible.

The Politicans and Road Police can yabber on about ways to police stupid P-Platers, but I personally don't want to have a night-time curfew - why should I be punished because some hooligans think they are in Tokyo Drift every saturday night?

My solution is this. A car manufacturer builds a specific hybrid of car that can't go any faster than 80km's. And all P-Platers have to drive these cars, they could sell them for $2000, and you get a rebate of $1000 when you're P's are up and you sell it back - or pass it onto another P-Plater.

I don't need a swishy car to drive. I would be happy with a box standard 'safety car' - even if its as Nerd as they come.

Just call me Safety Girl.


Cazzie!!! said...

I am sick to death of looking after people that are the victims of idiots on the road. With months of rehabilitation and perhaps months of having external fixtures hanging out of their limbs/torso/head and having to drink a year long of boost juices through a straw because their jaws are wired together it is really taxing on everyone's emotions. Family, carer's and friends.
The worst thing I have seen in ages was when a mate of a victim with his jaw wired goes, "Way cool ma, that burn out you did before your crach was the best thing I ever saw!"
My response to that remark as I was giving the guy some more pethidine to kill the pain, "Yeah, way cool your mate has to suck his meals through a straw for the next 8 weeks and go to rehab for 6 to 8 weeks to learn to walk again!"

Rach said...

injuring an innocent passenger/bystander in a car accident is probably one of the most selfish and un-forgivable things you could do to a person.

no wonder i'm so shit scared of driving.

Steph said...

Yous and ideas woman! I think that's a fucking awesome idea. Mainly so i can fly past you all and yell out, "har har suckers, eat my dust" or some other Dukes of Hazard stylee comment.