Monday, December 25, 2006

The Shitty Gifts of Christmas

On the stupid day of Christmas, someone in Marks family gave to me..
A bodyshop pack that she probably got for free.

On the stupid day of Christmas, someone in Marks family gave to me ..
Two stupid robots, a candy grabbing machine for a 10 year old, and some perfume that smells like old lady - (that you brought last year in Duty Free on your trip to Fiji)

On the stupid day of Christmas, someone in Mark's family gave to me..
A milkshake making machine, some hideous cheap earrings, a nivea pack from woolworths, a second-hand dusty fondue-set, and book that I will never read.

Aghhh Christmas... next year everyone is getting a Best-Of-Stroggles CD.

Now where is the nearest Orphanage for me to drop off every single thing they gave me?? That is, if the Orphans even want any of this shit.


redcap said...

Heh. You can add to the pile the parmesan cheese grating/storage contraption that my sister gave me. And probably everything that the other half's family will give me in two weeks' time, on Orthodox Christmas. ~shudder~

Anonymous said...

Good list. At least you didn't get some size 8 pyjamas, I think I was a size 8 when I was about 12. Go figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

You know what you should do next year, buy the crappiest present you can find and watch their faces as they open it. See if you can keep a straight face when they say how lovely it is. or re-wrap the presents you got and give them back to them next xmas. :) Love your blog!