Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Random Mail

I like getting mail. Cards and Presents are my favourite, as well as mail I can steal from the previous tennants in my flat.

I received interesting work mail today:

So i'm the Administration Manager eh?? First i've heard of it. What does that mean exactly? Should I ask for a raise?? having 'manager' in my title looks as though I should be getting some perks. If not a carpark, or an assistant, but maybe my own range of stationary with RB - THE MANAGER on them?? I like pens.

That's goin straight to the Pool Room. (moreso because my job has nothing to do with administration, I dont think. I dont even know what administration is?? unless it means being able to pick the gunk out of the mouse with a paperclip??)


surfercam said...

Congrats on the promotion Rach!

Rach said...

i'm not sure if it even is a promotion - seen as how I have nothing to do with Administration

either way - its a good Tangent Promotion.

Anonymous said...

I got mail once that said my title was Managing Director ...I am an Assitant

audrey said...

I titles like Admin Manager. They're just a phoney way to stop shit kickers like myself from rising up and demanding some gosh darn respect. Also, it's a way to try and make people feel better about being paid a pittance for doing all the work everyone else thinks they're too good to do, like opening envelopes. "At least I can say I'm an admin *manager*." Nuts.

kate said...

i'm in administration. it means you get to sit at a desk all day long twiddling your thumbs. oh joy.