Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kifo's Rule!!

My FAV game in the world is crazy scrabble. Crazy Scrabble being a game where you have to make up words, and convince the other players of its meaning. Its fun. I'm basically writing my own dictionary - because there are some things in life that just don't have proper words to decribe them yet.

Here are the highlights of tonights game. I reckon they will be part of common lexicon in about 56 years.

DJ Mean - when you go to a party and really shitty music is playing that makes you throw up and leave as soon as you entered.
Bagot - Someone who constantly bags out people. Get a life bagot.
Lorlha - "pulling a lorlha" being someone fuck buddy, then pretending you dont know them in social situations and showing off.
Savo - chick who has sex without condoms. all the time.
Sexnoh - someone who doesnt do anal. ever.
Fitract - Exercising yourself to death
Niarelei - Alternate Universe People at the Gym (skelly, the nemisis from the weights room, mini raeshell)
Tupen - when you proposition for anal sex and get denied "he got Tupened"
Reeslof - cheapskate present givers who expect good gifts for themselves
Grepz - people who live in darkness
AiAi - what you say when someone Tupens you. "hell no, I aint doin anal"
Deuw - really really foul smell. potent exhaust smell. un-naturally smelly.
Diksyg - worst ever dick disease you can get. it falls off.
Crumea - worst ever vagina disease. completely pusses up and swells shut for life.
Oldfyboa - old skanky ho who dresses 16.
Watit - 2nd glance at what may have been boob.
Grovit - horny and drunk and begging for sex
Jamndptln - When you jam along to a song, but dont really know how it goes.
Blurwa - when you cant remember anything from the night before
Gywiieg - constantly being woken up by a screaming child.
Rahtal - the lowest rank in a maximum security prison. Untouchable's (sex fiends)
Qaobyte - a ridiculous amount of computer memory storage. hasnt even been invented yet.
Rectud - giving into anal sex. branded as the anal lover.
Munolite - someone who lives in a cave house in the dark all day. Their eyes hurt when they go in the sun.
Gasieo - uncontrollable smelly gas from Protein Shakes
Haxpufed - acting like a jerk and being (unknowingly) removed from 'the group'
Kifo - a person (gang) that hangs at Tuggerah Westfield (Tuggies Westies)
Deskag - going to work really hung over and vomiting
Ainis - Rival gang to the Kifo's. Hang at Kangy Angy Bridge
Arenhijd - Something uncomfortable stuck in your teeth.
Emteestv - starvation after the gym. About to pass out or gnaw your arm off.
Grovitrogasioe - stinky horny person. will die a virgin.


Cazzie!!! said...

I am worried now, half of these words sound like the names of my son's Bionicle Figures..LOL, truly. You gave me a laugh though. :)

redcap said...

I just had yum cha and I've got an arenhijd right now. I think it's a bit of duck...