Monday, December 18, 2006

I have matured

I think blogging is the closest thing you can have these days to 'Pen-Friends'. The concept of the pen-friend intrigued me as a kid. Especially hearing stories about people who were pen-friends for 20 years then got married, and the bonds of sisterhood being tied forever like in that movie Beaches.

When I was in year 7 (i think), we had this pen-friend program, and you were supposed to pick a random and start writing to them. I wrote about 3 letters, but what are you supposed to write about? you hardly have similar interests or stories you can talk about.

I stopped writing to her because she sent me her photo..... "hairy". I couldn't go on after that, not only did we have nothing in common, but she was in desperate need of about 8 liters of NAIR. I couldn't face the possibility of her wanting to visit me in 20 years time and me having to explain to people why i have a gorilla living with me.

I used to be so superficial. Thank god i've matured. Thank god for the exuberance of The Brazillian Wax.

Sorry Mowgli (or whatever your name was). Come visit anytime.


Anonymous said...

Aww ... hope that mowgli (or whatever her name was) would see this blog post :)

redcap said...

My sister had a pen friend who sent her a carved elephant and requested that she be sent a cashmere cardigan in return. She was probably hairy as well.

Anonymous said...

In year 4 we were forced to participate in some ridiculously lame pen-friend program writing to children from some out-in-the-sticks country school.

I only wrote to my pen pal once. Her name was Gemma. I didn't like her. She couldn't spell. She used the words "gimastics" (gymnastics?) and "kollas" (koalas?) several times in her first letter.

I suggested in my letter to her that she might have a quick glance at a dictionary next time she's not sure how to spell something.

She wrote back saying she didn't care if she couldn't spell because all she wanted to do was compete as a professional "gimastist" at the "alimpics" and "gimastists" don't have to know how to spell.

I hate her still.