Saturday, December 02, 2006

Girls Schools are Mental

The first high-school I went to (year 7 - 10) was a Catholic Girls School. The only thing that matters at a girls school is how big your boobs are and if you have a boyfriend.

Today I attended a mini reunion, and I couldn't have been more invisible, had I worn an invisibility cape.

All conversation revolved around marriage, and more importantly babies. And how many babies you've had, and the girls that weren't in attendence, how many babies they've had. Caesareans, Shaved Vaginas, Back-Pain, Babies stomping on your bladder in the womb, how to know if your baby is in pain or hungry when its crying.


Mark's mum should have come along in my place.

At least these days I have a killer rack and a boyfriend, much improvment on my awkward teen years.

Yawn. I would have thought ten years on, we'd have something of relevance to discuss. I was wrong.


Steph said...

I went to an all girls school too. I think that environment trains us in the art of BITCH from a young age.

Makes us horny hoho's too....Or maybe that's just me :P

P.S bet they were all envious of your untainted by babies body!

redcap said...

I went co-ed and public, yet the reunion was no better. It was all, "I've got three kids and they're blah-blah-blah". That's great, but do you have a life of your own, or are you living vicariously through mini-ballet? You are? Oh, look at the time!

I was hoping for something more along the lines of, "Remember so-and-so? He killed four people!" Was that really too much to ask? At least one guy from my high school went to jail for seven years for smuggling a fuckload of drugs, so I was hoping for a much more exciting reunion than this:

Random: "I'm an electrician and I've got three kids. Want to see the pictures?"

Me: "No. I don't even remember who you are. Can you please fuck off now?"

Julia said...

Stepford wives. Mind, I did perk up at the mention of shaved vaginas, but then it's no doubt some pregnancy labour thing, which means, zero interest.

Rach said...

I knew I should have gone to a Performing Arts School.

then at least there'd be some trapeze stories, clown stories, escaped lion stories.

even stampeding elephants would be better than 'C-Section Scar' talk.

I hope all the pregnant chicks in attendance have babies with huge heads.