Sunday, December 03, 2006

Boy things I don't understand

Sport - I don't get it... never have. Ball goes up, Ball goes down... all that running around, up and down, they never go anywhere, nothing is resolved, and they do the whole thing again the next weekend. The most banal sport in the universe being Cricket (is it a coincidence that it rhymes with Wicket?) Rugby also being mind-numbingly boring. An hour of watching sport takes about 4 years.

Playstations n Stuff - The only game I can play is Super Mario Brothers, and even then I have trouble getting past the Goomba's, and saving the Princess - who is always in another freakin castle. I am totally lost when it comes to games these days.. especially the 3D aspects of going 'into' the game.. ?? the Nintedo Wii?? what the hell is that?? give me Alex Kidd any day.

Boobies - ok, maybe I can understand this obsession, but a good pair of honkers can not only stop traffic, it can tear apart families, raise the stockmarket, and keep a man up all night. Me, I can take it or leave it.. but then again I have round-the-clock access.

Driving Dangerously - the relation to how fast you drive, doesn't directly relate to how attractive you appear to a woman?? its not like our clitoris' are attached to the accelerator. Slow down.


redcap said...

I heard you, Rach. Most sport bores me dumb too, but especially AFL. I don't mind a bit of cricket, but it has to be one day or 20/20. Otherwise it's just too damned slow.

I'm not capable of video games either. I end up jamming the character against a wall or something. It's all too bloody complicated.

redcap said...

Sorry, that would be I "hear" you.

Rach said...


i hears you too.

kate said...

yeah, i don't get the boob fascination either. boys need to get over it.

Cibbuano said...

Hmmm, I like ALL those things.

Sports - like war, except no one has to die. Therefore you can do it over and over again.

Video games - violence without having real violence. See a trend here? We're escapists, because, deep down, we think we're all superheroes.

Boobies - We'll never get over it. Without boobies, I'm not sure what point there would be to life.

Driving dangerously - well, I don't do this, but it is fun.