Friday, December 08, 2006

Blog Awards are Stupid

Having stumbled across a site that said that there were actual 'Blog Awards' - you have to take a second to go "are you serial?"

mainly because this piece of shit is a finalist : SMH Crap

This "blog" shits me to tears, it says nothing, its written by a man who clearly makes love to his hand all day and night, and probably has to type with a pencil in his teeth because he is too busy wanking himself and patting himself on the back.

Overall - what is the point of a blog award? oooh thanks for the congratulatory masterbatory icon I can stick on my blog, will that make me more popular?

Its like competing in the special olympics. even if you win, you are still retarded.

Are there gift bags? and award statues? and is there even a ceremony? No? then count me out. I don't need an email to tell me how awesome I am. Nor any nerds justifying and judging my writing.

The only award I want is "most improved at Netball", and seen as how I haven't played that in about 15 years, my chances are pretty fucking slim. But I still have hope.

That or 'Best Rack NSW'...


Sarah said...

I'm with you on AMAL. I did give it a try when he first started writing, and unless it's competing with that 'sam and the city' blog for the 'most annoying' award, it doesn't deserve whatever it's up for. Complete waste of time, and not in a good way.

kate said...

well i'm a complete dork and wouldn't mind getting a blog award. lol. i'll take any award at this point.

Jobe said...

I want to win an award for just being a dude on a street (I do it well).

redcap said...

What's even more distressing is that Andrew Bolt is also a finalist. Gah!

Rach said...

there wasn't one person i would rate as a good writer in the finalists.

if anyone should have been there - it was Steph. Hence those finalists are Bullshit.