Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who ya gonna call ??

The Fogies I work with are overreactors. We had a black-out today that lasted about an hour.. nothing worked, the phones are electric so we cant use them, traffic lights were out, police officers everywhere.. mayhem.

I personally, don't really care. Work Shmirk. If the power is out that means I can stare out the window and drool.

But the fogies, can not just sit and let any wasted time go by. Who ya gonna call? They called The Premiers office.

What does the Premier care that a bunch of old fogies can't get their computer to turn on?? seriously, I think he has bigger problems.

Reorganising the Infrastructure of the Transit System.. Or helping some old people with their fuse box?

While they were on the phone I should have asked them to pass the phone to me so I could complain about the lack of good libraries in my suburb.



surfercam said...

Sounds like my boss.

Cazzie!!! said...

Weird how people react in different when it begins to rain and people are swimming at the beach, they say, "OMG let's get out of the's raining!" LOL
When there is a blackout and you are shopping and even paying cash not eftpos..the chick at the till can't even do her sums to give ya change of $5.00 from a $20 note!! "Ummm, that'll be 15 bux thanks!!
Yeah, reactions to power cuts hey..let's go light the wicker lamp, LOL.

redcap said...

The power went off on us last week and everyone just said, "Right, let's go to the pub." Sadly, the generator kicked in before we made it to the door :(