Monday, November 27, 2006

The Tip

One thing you should know about me, is that I don't tip. In a dinner situation when it comes to the bill, I never tip. I don't care if the waitress brought me water with a diamond floating in it. I dont tip.

I do however 'round up' the total, and leave whatever change remains.

I don't live in America, so therefore why should I tip? It's not like workers in the Australian food industry are having to give hand-jobs behind dumpsters in their spare time to pay the bills. As a country, we pay our wait staff well. Not great. But they certainly aren't as fucked over, as they are in other countries.

I don't tip and I never will. Call me a Grinch, Cheapskate, Tightarse, whatever. I just don't tip.

Leaving tips will not make you more attractive to the opposite sex.
Forcing other people to tip will not endear you to their friendship.

You do a job you get paid. Noone comes into my office tipping me because I remembered to answer the phone.


Julia said...

Yea exactly - why don't we tip check out chicks, or sales people? They're doing their job. I love having bad service and tipping to the cent. Kinda makes the bad experience worth it.

surfercam said...

I'm an Aussie but I spent years living in the US and I still tip good service here, but good service is so rare, I rarely tip.
Also, do you know any of these waiters who give hand-jobs behind dumpsters???

Jobe said...

I often tip if the service is good.

My job is customer service and there is no fucking way I could stand cunts in a restaurant.

Plus they get paid pretty shit and sort of depend on the tips to boost their wage. Same could be said about a lot of people though.

God this was a boring reply. Forgive me, Rach.

kate said...

wow. you crack me up. lol.

i don't know if that's good.

you're kinda scary.

Steph said...

I tip if the service is great. Otherwise nup, pay to the exact coin.
I also tip cab drivers and i don't know why. I fucking hate cab drivers, except for Adrian and my uncle colo.

Kate called you scary! LOLZZ, that's what i thought the first time i ever read you. But now i know you're as loveable as a fluffy little kitten.......or sumthin', Whatever.

Rach said...

i dont understand the scary notion.


what is scary?

i dont take shit from anyone, but I dont think anyone should have to.

"independent all the women.. throw your hands up in the air"

Sarah said...

As a rule I don't tip either, at least not in Australia. The only exception being one cafe I used to go to pretty regularly that had really nice staff. I'm not an arsehole to waiters or any customer service people, so I wouldn't bother forking over my own money to compensate them for having to deal with the people who are.

Rach said...

i'll eat food with hair in it.

i'm not a bad customer who commands great service.

so therefore i'm not going to fork out extra money for something that is already built into the cost of my bill.

ie - giving me menus, taking orders and occasionally remembering to bring out water.

if you're the best waiter in the universe who deserves tips - i suggest getting into an industry that awards you on your talents.

Cibbuano said...

You pay your servers really really really well here.

The hourly rate here is like $15/hr minimum, and $23 on the weekends??

In N. America, servers are making $6/hr and surviving on tips.

Tipping in Australia is redundant. I still do it, accidentally.