Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Skank Stamps

This is a hot look.

I effing hate tattoos. Especially on women, but I will extend that hatred to big fugly men tattoos should the occasion arise.

Are you in Metallica? If not, then I don't think that giant snake on your arm is really fitting, unless you are a snake-hander, in which case, do you really need to be reminded of snakes all the time?

How meaningful - A 'rose' or a 'dove'.. peace is still trendy right?

You know what looks hot? Tattoo's on old ladies. Especially arm tattoos, I like them when they go saggy and fade.

Immortalising my love of the mediocre in my flesh for eternity doesn't rate as something i'll ever do. Maybe i'm old fashioned in that sense.

I could get the atypical butterfly on my lower back? No, that seems to mainstream. Perhaps I'll just get TOIDI written on my forehead so I don't forget everytime I look in the mirror.


Cazzie!!! said...

Nah, get a little Pirahna tatt on your shoulder, LOL, that'd be trendy and not cute like a butterfly either. :)

Rach said...

thats a good one.

or a killer rabbit.

surfercam said...

I thought tattoos on the lower back of girls was standard issue these days.
2 out of 3 girls seem to have them.
And yes Rach, farking awful!

michellesarah said...

Judging by the town that my sister and I were brought up in, it's fucking amazing that neither of us have a tattoo, facial piercing (beyond ears), nor have we had an abortion or a tott whilst still in our teens.

A fucking miracle I tells ya...

redcap said...

I always planned to get a tattoo, but I took so long to decide what I wanted that that now I'm too old to bother :)

Steph said...

Oi!! I happen to have the yin/yang symbol on my lower back.
And two others in secret places that only special people can see :P

I can't wait till I'm old and bending over to get an enema or some shite from my doctor. He'll love em.
Aint nuffin like old, saggy, arses with tatts!!

Russell Allen said...

It seems like the Aussie girl is never tatt free nowadays. It gets that skank quotient right up there.