Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reunion Shmeunion

I have a reunion thingy of sorts next month for my first high-school. Joy.
Its a 'brunch' so I guess that means you don't have to wear sticky name tags or find a really expensive dress to impress people with.

To be honest I don't know why I am going. Anyone that I wanted to be friends with since high-school, I still am friends with. And those people I can count on one hand. Because girls are bitches.

The high-school reunion is for the school I went to from year 7 - 10, an All-Girls Catholic school at that. I have two friends from my days there, and given the chance, wouldn't hesitate to push anyone else from that time in my life into an open quarry.

I guess I am only going so I can see who is fat with kids, who has a monobrow, who wears high-waisted jeans, who works packing shelves at woolworths, who got anally raped on their wedding night and who is worth my two seconds of time talking to them. (Bitches)

You'd think after 10 years my rage might have abated, but thing about me is that I will carry a grudge to the grave, or carry a fork to your eye.

I might get a shirt made that says: If you can read this, that means you passed english and you're probably still a stupid bitch.

Right On.


Pomgirl said...

Get that T-shirt, drink lots and be mean to everyone. Unless, you are likely to meet any of them again.

I would probably have to go just to see who was fatter than me.

kate said...

girls are bitches. that is so true.

surfercam said...

But that means you can't get wasted and tell people what you really thought of them at school.
You may have to wake up and get stuck into the Bloody Mary's before you go.
Corona's are also a good brekkie beer.

Unc said...

Ya gotta go....I always go to reunions..they are a great time to get back at all the dickheads you went to school with that were part of the 'cool gang'. I was always totally uncool.

It has been my experience that all the tanned, popular,inner sanctum cool fuckers who hated my guts turned out to be the biggest loser dickheads i have ever married their childhood 'cool' school friend who then went on to beat the shit out them in the domestic sense...then marriage split up ..married other person who was also in cool scene at school..only to end up being complete dope heads and piss pots who play the pokies...great entertainment value...losers losers losers...time is on your side..

Unc...Fountain of truth

Julia said...

Brunch? You can't get pissed at brunch (well...). I got so drunk at mine earlier this year, popped pills and had a bisexual session with a married bloke and a gay bestie back at my place before going clubbing - whodda thought reunions could be so much fun!

Rach said...


I have to agree that it is rather naff to have a stupid "brunch" where it would be unseemly to show up with my rack out and a pina colada strapped to my hand at all times.

It's hard to be uber-impressive with a bunch of girls, we all judge sucess on varying levels.

I might think that having a cat and finally learning to drive around my neighbourhood is sucessful, but by what standards do other people judge?

I am thinking it will be all about; marriage (well i have a rock) and children (not yet)

i think i'll go just for some blogging stories.

Unc said...

We want an update...ASAP..pref. photo's of the fat ones...also report all failures of popular group members...Also dirt on teachers who nailed you...surely they have been caught out by now..

Unc..Fountain of Truth

Rach said...

will do.

photos of fatties

and photos of me kicking some of them in the head.

Unc said...

Any wonder I love you...You really are one of us.XXXX

Unc...Fountain of Truth

Cazzie!!! said...

Bugger them, you are better than them!! It makes me laugh how kids fret at high school.My friends' child is expelled from school for fighting right now, he is picked on coz his dad has a disability. He is usualy a quiet kid, but they popped his cork. I told him, don't worry mate, in ten years time you will not see these kids, they will be the ones behind bars and they will have to loom to you to get out! (he wants to be a solicitor) now he is happy, and he does not wanna go to any reunion later on.

Rach said...

I agree Cazzie, I am better than them.

If your friends child does become a solicitor later on, he should go to a reunion and show them all up. (and slap them with a suit of some sort)

That's what I plan to do. So i'm not lawyer.. Big Deal. A casting agent is still a pretty good job..

did of them work on Superman??? I think not.

redcap said...

Ar, Christ, school reunions bite the big 'un. I went to mine a coupla years back and it was immensely dull. I talked to a couple of chicks who I remembered and who had annoyed me - one had three kids and was smug with it and the other one had decided to become a childcare worker and had a pommy boyfriend. The other people I talked to I had absolutely no memory of. Kinda pathetic, but we looked at each other and said, "So, I don't remember you and you don't remember me! Wow, what a coincidence." The whole thing was immensely disappointing. There I was, hoping the arsehat on whom I had a vague crush in Year 12 would be there with a beer gut, no hair and a dole card and he didn't turn up before I got bored and went home. Meh. Go visit instead and you won't have to bother with the crappy brunch.