Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Crusade.. Invisible Cola

Back by Popular Demand. TOOBS have been re-released. Thank Fuck. It has been a dark time in the wilderness without TOOBS.

It just goes to show that complaining works.

Now we know that sending copious amounts of faxes and emails to companies works - I want the following brought back ASAP.

Invisible Cola. "Bart Simpson Cola" to be exact. Loved It! Came out around early 1990, and tasted weird. But it was "invisible cola" so it could be forgiven. I want them to bring this back. How good would it be to order a "Rum and Invisible Cola please".

Chocolate Ciggies. I loved being a gangsta at school with my chocolate ciggies. I think they were even called 'Fags'. How great is that! Bring these back too. I don't smoke, But I would like to partake in the working world's 'ciggie break' and stand outside and waste time. Cept I dont want lung-cancer. Bring Back Fags! Bring Back Fags!

Carob Coated Sunflower Seeds. Noone will agree with me. Carob sucks mostly. Except when it's combined with Sunflower Seeds. It must be the inner-hippy in me.

That's all for now.

Dear So & So,
Whinge Whinge Whine Whinge.
Bring back: invisible cola, fags and carob coated sunflower seeds.
Yours Truly
Some Loser.


Anonymous said...

If you can find a franklins store -they sell fags still.

I saw them there not to long ago.

Anonymous said...

Fags were cool until the Politically Correct losers got in on it and changed the name to Fads.
Not so cool.

redcap said...

Ooh, Toobs! I loved Toobs! Like Burger Rings, only better. Mmm, Burger Rings. Do you think I'm junk food-obsessed?

But not carob. I had some carob and coconut chocolate the other day and I had to have a TicTac to tictake the taste away.

Rach said...

Burger Rings are the ultimate!!

Luckily I dont think they are planning to discontinue them anytime soon.

Or else there would be a major protest happening, let me tell you.