Friday, November 10, 2006


There are stengths and pitfalls working for a small company. On the one hand, its great because I can do whatever I want without someone breathing down my neck all day. On the other hand, I could get Leprosy.

Someone stole our bin at work last week, so I have been sitting with a pile of festering garbage next to me all week. This can't be healthy.

It's getting bigger.. I literally have no more room for garbage.. where should I start putting it?? should I start building a fort around my desk?

So Gross.


Unc said...

I believe you should send the attached photo to Mizone..just to prove how much you really like their drink product...could assist in your endeavours too gain freebies......In regards to the what I do...put it in the neigbours bin, especially if it has prawn heads in it or stinky fish bits...surely you can seek revenge on some-one distasteful with the trash...
Unc ....Fountain of Truth

surfercam said...

Go the fort!
Someone is bound to knock it over, then THEY will have to clean it up.

Rach said...

I was going to put it in the neighbours bin, but the fogies are against any of my suggestions - including, dumping it in the street, or non-related garbage suggestions, like shoplifting.

I was thinking of sending that to Mizone..I really think I am their No #1 fan.

The fort is a good idea.. so it maybe affixing some pretend leprosy scabs, like in The Simpsons.

Leisa said...

I was thinking about the Mizone promotions team seeing that - they'd love it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Find out who took the bin and sit it at their workdesk!!! Payback!!!

Steph said...

Set fire to it. That way you'll not only get a new bin, you'll score a whole new office!

Mish said...

Something similar happened at my work earlier this year. Someone suggested we take our rubbish home with us, thereby temporarily solving the problem. Kind of a shitty idea if you have to get public transport home.

I ended up just distributing my rubbish in the bin of my team leader who made the suggestion.

Rach said...

steph - that is a GREAT idea!! besides people who set fires are usually let off because you can claim that you've been sexually abused. Noones going to prosecute a 'survivor'

mish - i cant belive that someone would suggest that!! I catch PT, there isnt enough money in the world to make me want to willfully travel around with a bag of garbage.

stinkin garbage.