Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Karma Cunts

So...... someone stole my iPod at the gym today.

Nice one assholes.

I really hope Karma comes back and bites you in the arse, you theiving whoremongering, pus-eating, scab-munching, pussyfart, motherfucker.

I was on the stepper, got off, went to the bike, and in the space of less than 10 mins.. Gone. STOLEN.

It was my bad for being distracted by the Simpsons, and I left it behind on the stepper, but come on people! Are you really that scumsucking that you couldn't hand it into reception!! When I think of all the good deeds I have done in my life, like return wallets, phones, cameras. you would think the universe would give me a little credit and give what was mine back to me.

ah well.

It also just goes to show that the staff at Fitness First Mosman couldnt give a flying fuck about looking after their members.

"I just lost my iPod, has anyone handed it in?"
"yeah.... dunno.. maybe the other receptionist put it somewhere - can you call back tomorrow"

Thanks a lot that's really helpful!

I hope whoever stole it really enjoys it. Nothing says good times, like reading thru my stolen manuscripts, perving at my topless holiday photo's, and listening to my crappy music.

I hope you like Rammstein asshole. I really do.



Pomgirl said...

That's a shitter. I hope you had some really really bad music on it.

Sarlaughalot said...

You just have to steal someone elses. Don't worry, it's karma.
Meanwhile, back at the ARSE, why did you get the colonic irrigation or whateverthefuck and how much was it and how are the new shitless tubes going?

kate said...

that really does bite. lol.

katherine said...


hawkeye23 said...

People are fuckers.

The only people that are normal are ourselves, and most of our friends. Everyone else are just FREAKS!!!!

Rach said...

so devo

if its karma, then what have I done to fuck up my karma?

the universe is crazy.

Darryn said...

Rammstein? I'd say you've already gotten your revenge on the guy.

Stolen manuscripts.

Unc said...

Bastard....bastard....bastard....But don't fret too much...karma comes to all..good..bad..indifferent...

Bye the way, this will cheer you up.. I was searching through the kids books yesterday..and guess what I found..."The monster at the end of the book"..please don't turn the page..I'm really scared..

Unc ...Fountain of Truth

Cazzie!!! said...

Bastards...they suck big time. Our friend has everything and anything to do with Rammstein, he is into it for sure.

Rach said...

stolen manuscripts - as in they stole it. from me.


surfercam said...

That's fucked.
I really hope it somehow malfunctions and electricutes them.

Rach said...

me too

i hope their first born sons have small peckers, and their daughters have an excess of body hair and are unpopular.

i just care about my photos more than anything..


Anonymous said...

the gym should change its name to ' Shitness first'

Rach said...

anon - that is the best thing i've heard all day.

couldnt agree more

stupid gym

Mark Holden said...


Rach said...

stroggles are working on a new album

you're gonna love it

"that kid's got gumboots on, its not raining.. it's not ra-a-a-aining"

Julia said...

I sympathise esp. after my recent break-in...Doesn't everyone in this town have an iPod anyway (except me, but I didn't steal it promise)? Who needs to nick one?

Rach said...

damn kleptos

redcap said...

Bassturds! May their chickens turn to emus and kick their collective dunny door down, etc., etc.

And what's wrong with Rammstein, Darryn? I rather like the whole Germanic metal thing.