Friday, November 24, 2006

I live in a Bubble

I am in a complete cone of silence when it comes to the news. I hate the radio, and I can't stand what passes for 'news' on the TV. I read newspapers and frequent news-sources on the internet.

Sometimes I must come across as the most retarded person anyone has even met, before I get a chance to do any on-line news checking. When September 11 happened, I strolled into work and everyone was crowded around the TV, all sombre and panic stricken.. I literally said "Why are we watching Die Hard??"

I didnt have a clue. When people told me that some terrorists were flying planes into buildings I said "ha ha, very funny.. who wants a Milo??"

I'm just not a morning person. I can't handle any outside interference into my brain receptacle until I can process what is happening, which isn't till about 11am.

So here's hoping that any major newsflashes happen during the hours in which I pay attention to the world around me (11am - 5pm - Weekdays).


surfercam said...

I agree. is a great source as you can decide what to read etc, and not have it forced down your throat like TV news.
ABC & SBS are good for news, except SBS often has news such as a rare goat dying in some obscure village in some obscure country...

Rach said...

i like those goat stories.

especially rare goats. with one horn.. living in a village with Killer Rabbits.

redcap said...

I like the goat stories too. I'd much rather hear about them than cursed, blasted foodballers.

Re September 11, it was very Die Hard, wasn't it? I kept expecting Bruce Willis to crawl out of a sewer, dragging Osama Bin Laden by the beard.

S. said...

That sort of happened to me too. I was at the gym and don't wear the earphones to hear the TV. Once I saw hoards of people in Israel via the gym TV and I thought something major was happening. Then the logo for a religious programme was shown and I realized I was duped.

When 9/11 happened I just thought it was more of the same.

Miss Natalie said...

I'm with you. I hate the end of broadcast news when they report (i used that word loosly) that a cat had 24 kittens and they all survived or something alike... I prefer CNN for 20mins beofre it goes on repeat

muse said...

...that's why you have such a good sense of humour