Monday, November 06, 2006

Driving Lesson #2

I had my second ever driving lesson, and at the end my instructor told me I was "good" !!!!!!!!!

I never get told I am good at anything, I get told to 'pull my finger out', 'stop dicking around', 'grow up', and 'that sort of behaviour will not be tolerated here young lady'

I was so happy. If only he gave me a gold star, that would have made my millenium.

In more disturbing news - I discovered that I calm myself by singing "Girls on the Avenue" by Richard Clapton.. I didnt even know I knew this song? Subconscious's are freaky.

Wow. I'm a 'good' driver, (he is probably comparing me to the twits who can only turn left and drive around the block for their first driving lessons) but nonetheless, it felt satisfying.

Too bad nothing sank in about reverse parking "blah blah left, blah hard right, blah blah mirrors"

whatever. I'm "good" i'm sure i'll figure it out.


Unc said...


Rach is a good driver....does this mean you will soon have your licence...maybe then drive a vehicle to see Unc...

Congrats and if ya get it..ya can take hubby to be on drive in MG..

Just one more point humming Girls on the Avenue whilst driving....I will settle for no less than ..(Ministry) Jesus Built my Hot Rod..
Unc...Fountain of Truth

Rach said...

when I am up to the task of driving faster than 40 kph then it might be feasible that I drive up for a visit.

with no more humming of "girls on the avenue"

?? why would that song get stuck in my head??

Unc said...

I would say...too many pingers..etc..or maybe subconscious programming by AM radio stations beeming crappy songs into you know the subliminal message thing..I had similar difficulties with "I hate the music"..had to get de-programmed using scientology format...maybe it could help you too...give Tom Cruise a call..

Unc..Fountain of Truth

Steph said...

If you can live to tell the tale after driving around Sydney streets, then you is more than good. You is fucking brilliant!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Reverse parking eh?...just use the "touch, bump, turn the steering wheel parking...that'll getcha in and lined up perfectly. I have driven in Sydney, my first attempt was from Banksia right into the heart of the city to pick a friend up from St Vincent's Hopsital, piece of piss, LOL. I love peak hour in Sydney..not!!

kate said...

congrats to you! i've been driving for over ten years and i think i need to go back and take some lessons cuz i am a menace on the road. lol.

surfercam said...

Were you showing cleavage?

Rach said...

no cleavage yet.

i'll save that for the exam.

surfercam said...

Nice work.
Always good to have something up the sleeve... or in this case, the bra...