Monday, November 06, 2006

Crushes thru Time

Throughout my life I have had many crushes.

In the order that I loved them:

Simon Le Bon

I loved Duran Duran back in the day. Lucky for me, I was too naive to understand the sexual overtones of their music. But for awhile there "Wild Boys" was my favourite song of all time.

Macaulay Culkin

Home Alone came out when I was in year 6. I honestly don't know what I ever saw in him. He is such a dweeb, and grew up to be an even bigger dweeb. I think I was following the crowd, who would seriously like a guy like this?

Other random crushes during this period were; New Kids on the Block - Especially Jordan Knight. He was the hottest. Johnny Depp Cry-Baby was the ultimate for Johnny perviness. He was even hot in Edward Scissorhands, and if I can crush on a guy with scissors for hands, that shows commitment.

Edward Furlong

My Biggest Crush evah!! I had about 30 posters on my wall and I watched 'Terminator 2' every afternoon when I got home from school. Bop & Bopper magazine must have made a fortune off me. I would buy any magazine that had the tiniest picture of him in it. Then I read that he was a Leo and I'm a Cancerian, and we aren't a good match.. then I kinda soured on him. (And he stunk it up in Pet Semetary 2)

Daniel Johns

I probably had an even bigger crush on Daniel Johns than I did Edward Furlong. My friends and I even caught a train to newcastle to stalk him. We stalked him at his house. Years later when it came out that he went insane and got an eating disorder from all the fame, I wondered if our stalking him might have pushed him over the edge. Oops.

In the wilderness years in between 1995 - 2006 there wasn't a lot to choose from, also I had a 'real' boyfriend, so the need to obsess over a stranger seemed like less of a priority.

until now.

Dean Geyer

Hubba Hubba. Whether he's standing on a beach holding a fishing pole, sitting in a chair, or just relaxing against a rock, Dean is effing Hot. I hope he wins Idol just so there are lots of TV Hits posters of him floating around for another year. Drooooooooool. I don't care if he's South African and racist. It's not like I would be talking to him.


Unc said...

The sad thing my knowledge it's all bloody true...I vividly remember the Ed Furlong thing....and I met the boy's of silver chair at a party once in Newy when they were fresh....I think I promised the lass that I would get her an autograph...shit, until now I plain forgot..sorry..

Unc... Fountain of truth

Leisa! said...

Rach, I had the ed furlong crush.. not as big as yours and I had the bristish bad pop crush - But mine was Boy George (I even had a boy george doll... didn't some with the council worker outfit for later!)
OH! and I now get the Daniel Johns thing.. I only came stalking because of Ben... Remember NYE 1995 on the way to Homebake and we saw Chris's twin outside his house- in a Bikini... they were the days!

p.s Its still not illigal to walk on the road... just not cool to do it in Courtney Love look-a-like shoes that are really loud and smoke beaddies while throwing bread...(crusts)... your the only friend who I could say something stupid like 'lets throw crust at crust' and carry a whole loaf of bread around with us to do a mosh.. while it is raining.. in Byron bay!

Rach said...

you're the only person who would know who I was talking about if I said "Crust is so Crusty"

funny how he ended up not so crusty afterall.

Steph said...

I'm firmly on the Dean Geyer bandwagon.
I want to claim his virginity. Phwwooarr!

Rach said...

I have a few cunning plans for said taking of virginity.

1. Go to the Idol show with a sign with a giant vagina and an arrow pointing down at me.

2. Playing some Christian Rock so he follows it to my waiting vagina

3. Leave a Bible on the ground and trap him with a net.

mmmmmmmm Dean

Anonymous said...

The fact he's a hard-core Christian is the biggest turn off. EVER.

Oh, and Edward Furlong WAS absolutely cute, but have you seen him lately? A fat drug-addict.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you bitch dean wouldn't want your filfithy unbelieving vagina anyways I'mn a proud christian and christianity is something to be proud of and Dean isn't racist apparently so fuck you bitch you can't just thinkm all us south africans are oh and dean is smart your stupid trap wouldn't woprk ATHEISTIC BITCH ROT IN HELL YOUR ON YOUR WAY THERE AND BUY THE WAY WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT THERE IS A GOD AND JESUS IS COMING BACKSO AVOID IT ALL YOU WNAT