Friday, October 20, 2006

Where for Art Thou Belinda?

My dreams really effect the way I live my life, I am a very 'vivid' dreamer - I can remember the tiniest details and most of my dreams are really whack. Specially when I've been eating cheese before I go to bed.

For instance - until i've had a dream about you - I probably wouldnt even notice that you exist or are part of my life - once you infiltrate my subconscious - then I know you're someone who I should be spending quality time with.

The other night I had a dream that I am still disturbed by.

I was at a year 6 reunion and my bestie from back then (Belinda) was there (who in real life was in a tragic accident), and when I woke up I was really sad. Sad because I missed her, and I wonder what she is doing with her life.

We were so naughty in school that they had to seperate us. So she is truly a kindred spirit - as my fav thing in the world to do - to this day, is be naughty.

Anyway - BELINDA BLANCO from Paddington Public School - Graduating Year 6 in 1991. I AM LOOKING FOR YOU.

1 comment:

belinda blanco said...

You still leave this here like im gone....

The bel is never gone....always here hon:-)