Friday, October 27, 2006

Water Shmater

Last night something happened that will forevermore change the way I think about "hydration".

I have always scoffed at the suggestion of drinking 8 glasses of water a day - puh-lease.. water is soo friggin boring i'd rather lick an Indian's Asshole than drink 8 glasses of boring-ass bland H2O.

Do I look like a camel to you? why all the pressure to hydrate yourself so much? and with water of all things? what about milk? what about juice? what about Milo? what about Vodka? do these things not rate on the hydration scale?? apparently not.

THEN at the gym last night I stumbled across my hydration savior:

Mizone is The Shizzle. I should get offered a sponsorship deal by Mizone, that is how awesome it is. No more bland metallicy water for me! I am going to be sooo hydrated that you'll think a vaporising cloud entered the room when I enter it. I will be the master of atmospheric changes.


Jess said...

Mizone? Tastes like diluted cordial. Oh, and lick *my* Indian ass, it's not that bad.

redcap said...

Oh, fear not - vodka mixed with soda certainly does rate on the hydration scale. Pretty high on the hydration scale, actually. And if you add fresh frickin' lime, it even has vitamin C. I drink it in a tall glass to keep the bastards guessing: "Christ, you're not drinking LEMONADE are you?! You are SUCH a softcock!" Heh ;)

Rach said...

damn right it tastes like diluted cordial. hence the awesomeness of it not tasting like bland water.

PLUS the elements that make it so tasty are see-through!!!! Much like see-thru pepsi of the early 90's

Gold Jerry!! Gold!!