Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Usurped by my Cat

I knew this would happen one day.. All the time I am complaining to people how my cat only does a shit when i 'm in the shower, and steals my socks, and sleeps on my head so much that i literally coughed up a hairball..

Who would have thought that he would get a voice of his own and set the record straight? No wonder he asked for a "laptop" and "unlimited wireless internet" for christmas, instead of just a chicken carcus.

Check him out:


earthkissed said...

Lenny is a very cool cat, and his blog is particularly funny... Although reading over your blog I have managed to get several LOL moments as well, so I might have to keep checking on it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh wow, he is ever so gorgeous...we had two pure bred Siamese girls when we first moved out of home together. They ruled the house as it were. They had their very own outdoor enclosure and they loved to sunbathe out there too.
Sadly enough, Cindy died when my poor demented nanna left the door open and she got hit by a maniac in a car..who subsequently sued us because he reckons our little Siamese girl damaged the front spoiler on his ever-so-high commodore. We fought it, he won, our house insurance had to pay for his car..which to this very day ain't fixed!!!

Sarah said...

Lenny's blog is great, he'll be Prime Minister someday :)