Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tupac Junior

I received an update on my Mozambiquey, Worldvision Sponsor Child in the post last night. From the looks of it he is doing well, not that I suppose they would send out pics of your pitynigger lying in garbage with a bloated gut and flies hanging around his head - that is just bad business.

This is Tupac Junior ( or One-Pac, as I call him)

He is pretty friggen awesome, he is in grade 1, and has problems with learning Portuguese - if I could meet him, I'd say "listen one-pac, noone needs to know that shit anyway, all you need to know how to say in Portuguese, is 'Half a Chicken and Chips please' (from Nandos)"

His favourite animal is the Goat, nice choice. Cute, Useful and Delicious. It's not like there would be any wild 'burmese' cats roaming around mozambique anyway, so i'll forgive One-Pac for not nominating Lenny.

He also drew me this:

From the looks of it - that is a house, a football and a UFO. I think he is trying to tell me something - its cryptic as hell. Word Up little One-Pac.. I'll figure it out and we'll record a rap album together.


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Unc said...

How much to purchase a poor darky..do you get ownership papers or sumthin'.

Any chance ya can fly the poor sucker in for a couple o' munths ta make some cash on da wall.

Unc..Fountain of truth