Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Tumbleweed Blows Past

:( I am sooo depressed right now I cant even muster the energy to type. My bestie is away for TWO WEEKS and that means I have noone to banter with on MSN all day.

We Banter the Best.. We can talk about nothing for 8 straight hours! Often I am laughing so much I have to answer the phone and pretend to have emphysema so noone catches onto the fact that i'm not working, but instead talking nothing with George. Plus when I am typing like a maniac, that makes me look busy and important.

Now I have noone to talk about nothing with. And the following nothing stories need to be aired:
  • I ate sooo much last night that I think I damaged my colon. Either that or Piles have snuck up on me during the night - I guess all those stories people told us about not sitting on concrete were true.
  • I booked in a Colonic Irrigation, with the option to watch the waste removal thru a screen - HELL YES! I wonder if they can tape it and give me a DVD at the end of the cleansing process
  • I ate a bag of seeds this morning and my bus was 30 mins late.

I cant believe I have two weeks of nothing to tell noone..


Unc said...

why not take up knitting...or do what I do at work, sleep with eyes open at computor...

Unc..fountain of truth

Rach said...

knitting is hard.
I dont know how.

If my desk wasnt on display - i'd definitely sleep under it.

Steph said...

I got the virus from hell from fucking MSN, that stoopid, stoopid, "Is this your pic" link, that killed my computer stony DEAD!!

MSN is teh evil.

Rach said...

note to self: avoid that link.

i just need to work in an office with all my friends then we could just yell at each other - hence - avoiding all future PC viruses, and getting more work done.


Diana Gallagher said...

A colonic! Oooooo! Have you had one before? Must tell us how it goes!

Rach said...

never had a colonic.. I am going to blog it up TMI style (too much information)

i'll take notes and hopefully smuggle my cameraphone in there.

Hopefully they'll go for my DVD idea.

Julia said...

youtube it too.