Monday, October 30, 2006

Things I've Learnt Recently.

Epiphany 1. Never get in a car with someone who drives recklessly. They might have a disregard for their own life, but don't fuck with mine. Bad Drivers are the worst. Driving fast and like a rally driver isn't impressive.

Epiphany 2. You can never throw out junkfood if its still edible. It's hard to be healthy with a packet of Mint Slices in the fridge calling out to you. So then you throw them in the bin. But there are still 6 left, and that would be wasteful, so you dig them out of the bin and eat all 6 then throw the package out. (and buy more next time at the shops and the cycle repeats itself)

Ephiphany 3. Its never ok to get relaxed about washing your whites and colours. I put a top in with a red bit in with my whites. Now everything is Pink. After 2 days of soaking and bleaching everything is still slightly Pink. Fucking Red Shirt.

Ephiphany 4. Never go all out with impressive Christmas presents. It is only better to give than to receive, if you are still receiving something worthwhile. A pair of baggy undies that probably cost $3 is not a fair match for the Tsubi top I brought you. Fuck you and your Undies.

I have epiphed enough for one morning.


Cazzie!!! said...

I did the epiphany number three and put an orange skirt in with my whites...oikes...everything is apricot now!! Just did it yesterday too. I thought the skirt was old ebnough and had been washed enough NOT to leach color everywhere! Wrong!

redcap said...

But Mint Patties aren't junk food - they're a staple. They fill the gaping hole in my diet left by my refusal to eat offal.

The Man at the Pub said...

It's amazing how long a vindaloo can last in the fridge.