Monday, October 16, 2006

Stench the Monster Out!!

Remember in Alice in Wonderland, how Bill the Lizard is told to "burn the housedown" and they'll "smoke the monster out", well I have a top, that I think could be used for the war-effort in smoking out Bin Laden.

The "cherry top" is made from some soft polyester material, that unbeknownst to me when I purchased it, is a BO magnet. Seriously, I was stenching it up badly at my desk at 10am, and I DO wear deoderant.

If we could somehow harness the power of The Stinky Top, and send them to the enemy hiding in the spider holes in the desert, we could surely stench them out.

The Stinky Top would work wonders in the deserts of Iraq, all that hiding undergound, and being smelly, noone would be able to resist coming to the surface for some clean air.

Smelly Fuckers.


Steph said...

Here's a better idea.
If i FART on your shirt, we could sell that fucker to North Korea and be millionaires!!

surfercam said...

I've got a similar polyester shirt that has all the same ingredients.
The key is to wear it when you know you don't have to wear it for too long i.e. out for dinner etc.
But like Cinderella don't forget to be home by Midnight....