Friday, October 27, 2006


I have never met this chick - yet I effing hate her guts.

Tiffani Wood.

Damn right Tiffani Wood. Tiffani Wood suck a dick. Tiffani Wood eat a kittens head. Tiffani Wood get fake implants. Tiffani Wood look like a slapper.

My hatred of Tiffani stems from her lucky-bitch fall into the public eye. She was REJECTED from the show Popstars (first season rocked) and hence - not asked to join Bardot. Yet, because one of the original girls chosen, happened to be a kelptomaniac and was forced to leave the group (or so the rumour goes) Tiffani was then given the sloppy seconds chance at being in the group again.

Sloppy Seconds? as the infamous Rizzo would say:

"Sloppy Seconds Aint My Style"

Scram Tiffani. She would go to the Opening of an Envelope.
Skanky Whore Flap Herpes Plastic Tranny Faced Smug Bitch.


Cazzie!!! said...

You made me ROTFL and it hurts!!! I got an infected throat..feeels real bad..but I needed that laugh.

Anonymous said...

you should check out her 'official' web site. It is rather good - she has sooooooo many talents.

Rach said...

oooh i love that..

my favourite type of laugh is when a little pee comes out.

get better with the infected throat... yucky