Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That

If Rachel sees two spiders, and Mark sees three spiders, how many spiders have Mark and Rachel seen ??

the answer would be THREE spiders. (not five, as one might think)

(I missed out on one of the spiders - that coincidentally was trying to crawl into my shoes)

Spiders to Date:
Shower Spider - discovered by Me
Shoe Spider - discovered by Mark
Kitchen Spider - discovered by Mark

and just then we discovered another Spider, in the Loungeroom.

Can I just say how effing sick I am of finding Spiders?? and they aren't small Spiders - they are huge huntsmans that would eat you alive if given the chance.

Screw You Trees
Screw You Spiders
Screw You Mop (useless spider killing tool)
Screw You Anyone who thinks its cruel to kill spiders - go sleep in a tree if you love em so much.

Death to Spiders.

*is it just me or is the word "Spider" starting to look and sound really strange??

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