Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Someone think of the Children.

So, its not ok for a cartoon cat to smoke a cigar, but its ok for a robot in Futurama to call another robot a "slut" at 7pm.

That's great! as long as our kids aren't smoking, its ok for them to have the foulest mouths in the land.

What about other un-PC cartoon themes?

Pepe Le Pew (aka - Rapist) teaching our kids that its ok to stalk a woman, and corner her in an alley and force yourself upon her.. Nice One.

And my personal favourite - the ultimate stoner - SLOWPOKE RODRIGUEZ .

What a cool guy - perpetually whacked out of his brain, stares danger in the face and couldn't care less. Lives in a whorehouse with a rat who is constantly speeding out of his mind.

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Steph said...

what about the Flintstones? That little Bam Bam fucker, running around with a club belting innocent peeps.

You know, i bet Wilma and Betty were really raging leso's, who munched rug all day while Fred and Barney were at work.

P.S i think Wilma only had one boob.
Just sayin.