Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Pinger Daily

Reports are in that the NSW Police have seized a drug haul of cocaine with a street value of over $30 Million and an exstacy load worth $1.5 Million.

When we take these numbers into account, we can expect the cost of buying pingers to rise. This comes at a particularly bad time - when the summer party season is upon us.

It's a sad state when junkies don't have the spirit to get up in the morning and shake their crackblankets off. In a season that is supposed to be fraught with muggings and break-ins, many junkies do not see the point - as the cost of the ping is just too high.

With New Years Eve just around the corner, tensions are high on the street, Junky McCrackwhore goes on location to suss out how the Nation will deal with the Pinger Inflation Crisis.

Miss Dumbarse Snootypants says; "Crackheads have even stopped pestering me to buy shutters "come on man *scratch scratch* i got 10 kids to feed. Come on! Buy some shutters" Even the fact that I don't need shutters isn't enough to break a junkies spirit anymore"

So whilst we look forward to a summer of intese brain-frying heat, we will unfortunately have no mind enhancing drugs to drain the time away.

Now, Not only can I not afford to buy bananas, I cant afford to fill my car up with petrol, and I cant buy drugs.

Boo You Police.


Julia said...


Luckily I loaded up last time, like petrol on cheap Mondays.

Steph said...

As long as they don't up the price of Vodka.
Drugs i can take or leave. Alcoholism is my goal.

redcap said...

Oh god yes! Please don't put Smirnoff out of our reach! (Insert panicked look here) What would we do?!

Russell Allen said...

That's only about 40,000 biccies. Barely a dint into a weekend of Gold Coast weekly consumption.

Approximately, 150,000 gets chewed up and lost every weekend. So don't worry about pricing.

I've seen a lot more than that in the past few weeks cos of the preparation for Indy, Schoolies and The Seventh Day Adventists Annual Conference