Friday, September 15, 2006

No Phone

Basquiat didn't have a phone, instead, people had to send telegrams if they wanted to get in touch with him. That is so great. Plus then people would really think about what they wanted to say to you.

I would love to live in a world without "umms, ahhhs, and sooooo's"

My ODE to Basquiat.


Cazzie!!! said...

Very very POP ART HOUSE!!! Cool :)

Adam said...

Are you Jobe?

Rach said...


No.. I am Rach.

who might you be?

Die Muräne said...

I think I know what adam means. who cares.

But you could at least try to be Jobe...

Steph said...

I said it before Rach. Jobe is like the male version of you, only a wee bit more insane.......In a good way of course.
Wish i could do the linky thing, but i cannae.
P.S you're waaaaaaay hotter too. :P

Jobe said...

Am I me?

PS stop calling me ugly, Steph. You'll turn me into a bullemic.

Ha. My word verification is drfax. Me: "Dr Fax, will I live?"
Dr Fax: "It is doubtful."

Rach said...

what we need to do is have a BLOGGY BALL, and all us Blogger Nerds can finally meet.

AND maybe we could have nametags??

I love nametags.

And Punch, And a swing band.

Ooooooh I'm so excited now for the bloggy ball... will someone organise it please??

Steph said...

Who could be arsed? I'm way to lazy for that kind of lark.
Jobe, I never said you's URGLY, i said Rach is HOTTER. There's a difference ya know.
P.S don't go bulimic. Too much cleaning involved.

Jobe said...

I'd try and pash Steph. She wouldn't like it.

At first...