Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mail Fraud

What I am about to divulge, could possibly land me in Jail. But I'll just assume that no cops read this - afterall, the URL isn't www.donuts.com.

It's in regards to where the Romper came from that my cat is daringly modelling in the post below.

Well - the truth is......... I kinda stole it.

You see, the people who lived in my unit before me (Michaella and Phillip) didn't redirect their mail when they moved, so for the past two years I have been receiving bills, magazines, bank statements. Usually we just leave them at the mailbox with "not at this address" for the postman to collect when he returns the next day.

But not always.

For instance - if it looks like a card or a present, i'm keeping it! During Christmas I get lots of cards for them......I hang them up.

People come over and are like "nice card!"... and i'm all "thanks, but it's not for me".

I also get postcards from their friends when they go overseas. I keep em. Stick em on the fridge. Just becuase I don't know the people on the holiday doesn't mean I can't appreciate their Holiday sentiments.

So when a box arrived postage stamped LONDON on my doorstep, and felt very "presenty" I had to open it. Curiosity will get the best of me. I was kinda disappointed it was just a baby-jumpsuit, but hey! i'll just keep it for my un-born child one day.

Thanks anonymous strangers from London! I'm sure 'Claudia' will enjoy wearing it (in 10 years time). But in the meantime, Lenny is getting his money's worth.


Jobe said...

Fuck that cat is so awesomely regal!

Mail fraud has never been so sexy.

Julia said...

Mail fraud rocks. As if you'd ever subscribe to the paper yourself anyway.

surfercam said...

Their fault for not forwarding their mail. It's not rocket science.
Finders keepers!

Steph said...

You's evilish and that's why i heart you.

Rach said...

i hearts you too steph


general_boy said...

hahahahaha.... i'm sitting here with my spoilt brat cat on my lap looking at that picture, knowing how many similarly, utterly demeaning things I have done to him.

that, and the mail fraud... too funny!!!

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Sarah said...

Too good! We only get bank statements and superannuation thingummies from our boring ex-inhabitants...