Friday, September 08, 2006


Dear Doctor Love,

I have a rather unusual question.

A "friend" of mine revealed to me that when she her and boyfriend are getting amorous, he gets really sweaty shins....really sweaty.

Is this normal?

It doesn't seem normal, granted I dont have a penis so I'm unsure if there are sweat glands that are magically connected to the scrote.

My shins don't sweat up if i'm orgasming.... Why would his??

Sweaty Towel Girl



Cazzie!!! said...

Maybe he is unusual in that instead of the circulation going to his private parts during the act of intimacy, it does not shut down to his periphery(legs) so he works up a sweat.

DaisyJo said...

I'm so glad I don't have to deal with excess sweating - must be horrible to be a man. Have no idea about the sweaty shins!

Tell *your friend* she should be comforted that it's just sweaty shins. I once had a guy who was so excessively sweaty that it actually dripped off his hair and into my mouth. arrggh! Breakup followed shortly after.