Friday, September 22, 2006

Die Spiders!

Summer is upon us, I know this because Spider Season has begun.

The first Spider of the season, is the Bathroom Spider.

Who scared me pantsless when I was in the shower, I called out to mark; "poookies!!! come in here please" and he came in and was all manly and killingly, whilst I stood naked and freezing.

Don't they realise by now, that their spidery presence will not be tolerated?!

Die Spiders Die.

NOTE: to all the 'right to life' jerks out there - I fully support a Spiders right to life, just not when I am naked and vunerable, I only kill them when they invade my personal space, It's not like I go hunting them down in their own environment.


surfercam said...

Photo of spider - alive.
Photo of spider - dead.
Photo of pookie - being manly.
But no photo of you naked and freezing???

Leis said...

nice manly arms on Pookie!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Far out! My dad used to pick the feckers up with his bare hands and take em outside, I whack em and suck em up wuith the vacuum cleaner...sorry Steve Irwin, bit me no likey the big feckin' spiders..I am wif u Rachy, no right to life in our presence :)

Steph said...

Pookie has teh hawt arms!
What was the post about again?
Oh yeah, fucking spiders. Screw the right to spider lifers. Death to all spiders.

With a squeezy mop no less!

redcap said...

You have to admit, they look kind of pathetic when their legs are all folded up like that. "Haha!" you crow. "Look at this enormous tarantula with which I did battle!" But the tarantula has somehow shrunk to a daddy longlegs, just to spite you. It's their final, spidery revenge.