Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stupid Parents

Just because you can create life doesn't give you the right to screw with your offsprings minds.

a "friend" of mine, when he was a child was told to always tuck his shirt into his undies so that it didn't become untucked.

One day I walked in on him mid-shirt-undie-tucking, I promptly yelled at him "why the fuck are you tucking your shirt into your undies nerdburger?"

To which he said that his dad had always told him to do so.

Yeah when you were like 7 years old!!! Its been 20 years since then! I think its ok to let gravity do its course.


There is a huge list of stupid things out there that parents tell their kids that are not true; about not drinking from hoses, not to stand behind a horse, its ok to wipe your bum with leaves if pissing in the woods.

Can't wait to have a kid and fuck it up.


groverjones said...

Now now! I must take offence. My parents' worst moment of parenting (other than telling me when I asked 'why is the dog growling,' 'why don't you pat him and see' which ended up in bitey tears) was letting me scratch a very big horse on the back legs when I was very small (ie 2.) I was kicked across a paddock and bore a large hoof mark on my chest for some time. PARENTS KNOW THESE THINGS< THEY ARE JUST FUCKING WITH US ALL!

Rach said...