Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rebel Rebel.

On the evening of Saturday August 19th - a group of us went to Rebel Rebel.. this is the transcript from the evening as penned in my diary at 2.30am in the middle of the dancefloor.

The first band you see is the band that either makes you love music or want to shoot all musicians.

The first band that played tonight was a jihad on music.

Plus I think the singer was a rabbi.... weird.

Surely that sort of music is against everybody's religion.

The new dance of the night is the one where you wear your thongs on the dancefloor and they stick really badly and you look like an emu on heat.

I hate everybody at this club right now.. (except; Heather, Mark, Quentin, Aggi, Andy, George - even though she went home, and Duncan for getting us in with the VIP list. Even though there were no wristbands, at least we didnt have to pay or stand in the dumb line with the EMO teenyboopper losers)

What a bunch of supre-loving-pretentious-EMO-Losers.
Hello?? Do you pay taxes?? I think not.
You dont even have the right to use my roads or libraries.
No Libraries for EMO people!!

"do you mind moving to the other side of the club - we're taking a photo"

Bunch of posewhores. This isn't London. No matter how hard you try.

There is only one Pete Doherty and living seems to disagree with him.
I've never known a guy whose hobby is "staying alive" - but that to me sums up Pete Doherty.
What does Kate Moss see in Pete Doherty?? He's not a very good father figure to her daughter.

The fathers of our future generation are a fallicy.

God I wish I had earplugs.
Or anything to stick in my ears.
I would settle for re-growable appendages. I'd rip my thumbs off my hand right now and stuff it in my ears.

Does it have to be so loud???

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