Sunday, August 13, 2006

My First Driving Lesson

I had my first driving lesson on Sunday.
YES, I am 26 and NO I don't have a licence... so sue me! Does everyone have to drive?? There is so much licence prejudice out there.

"I see blue skies, Through the tears, In my eyes... And I realise.... I'm going home"

That would have been a much more poetic thing to say to the driving instructor rather than pulling over (without signalling) and saying "just take me the FUCK home!!"

I hate driving.

This fuckwit basically held onto the steering wheel the entire time of our lesson (10 mins) and was a total Irish Fugly Fat Old Man CUNT.

I was so traumatised that I came home and ate a bowl of popcorn, some salsa, a bag of Doritos and 3 Golden Roughs.... and had a cry-fest for about 2 hours...that's ok though, its nice to have a good cry sometimes.

Learning to Drive is negating all my good work at the gym, So therefore I refuse to ever drive again.

Hey guess what motherfucker "John" from ABC Drive School!
I figured out which finger to use for turning on the blinker (he actually yelled at me because I was using more than one finger to turn the indicator on)


Los said...

Eh, driving isn't so bad, once you get used to it ... however, it does help to have someone positive showing you how to drive, not a wanker like the guy you had.

Kram said...

next time if you go again and happen to get the fuckwit of an instructor, drive with your knees and say 'how do you like this Irish Fatman'.

Steph said...

Driving IS scary. It took me eight, count them, EIGHT, goes at getting my P's.
Still can't reverse park very well, i try to avoid it. Oh and roundabouts too, don't like those either.r