Tuesday, August 22, 2006


"our home is girt by sea"

What the fuck is that?
Girt is such a NON-word.
When has one ever used the term "girt" in casual conversation.

Whoever wrote those shitty lyrics, their face will be girt by my fist. (if only I knew who they were.)

Girt? Get Fucked

Again - Ecky Tuesday Sucks.


Julia said...

I just think 'girth' - and that makes me think of cocks.

Los said...

It is not so much about the size, but more about the "girt." At least that's what the women tell me.

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL at LOs' comment...and LOL at your post!! I used to ask my teachers in Primary School wtf it meant.
Sure, it was probably a widely used word in Pron plays back in the 1800's!!!

"Oh, woe is thine heart for but you only,
I am girt by your love..."
OMFG, LOL!!!! I suck at this :)

Aussie Battler said...

Personally,I never understood that song anyway.How can you'Ă„DVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR'?How can you do that?It's FREAKIN'ME OOOUT...

Rabbi Loretta said...

girt schmirt!

Janice said...

LOL :-) I think it means Surrounded by.