Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't stand so close to me..

I stink.
I havent left the house in two days.
I have had one 'bath' the entire time.. and i didnt fully submerge myself either.
My pyjamas are melded to my body.
My hair is a helmet - I could ride a bike, fall off and not get brain damage.

But no matter how stinky, fugly, poopy, vomity, disgusting I am.
I am still better looking than Cameron Diaz on a good day.

Also, I dont know if its all the sickness or lack of electrolites in my body.. But I am finding Noah Taylor strangely attractive.


Russell Allen said...

Cameron on a good day is pretty good though admittedly I can't smell her

Los said...

Weird - I was just listening to "Don't Stand So Close To Me" on my way into work this morning (swear!).

I thought Cameron Diaz was hot in The Mask, however, she has slowly gone downhill ... certainly still pretty easy on the eyes, though (but, she loses a lot of points, being with J.T.).