Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Cost of a Night

$150 - 1/2 gram of coke - missing after it fell out of the trusty hiding spot.
(note: never put your eggs in another man's basket. Or if you're gonna hide the stash in your undies in between your nutsack and your willy - at least make sure it can't escape)

$180 - parking fine. Fuck Off.

Having a D&M in the skanky bathroom for 2 hours... Priceless.

We should do more sleepovers.
Sleepovers are soo under-rated.


Russell Allen said...

Sounds almost identical to my saturday except I lost all my coke up my nose, I didn't get a parking fine and I had a 1 hour D&M in a bar toilet with 3 girls on holiday from Sydney who happened to all be cops. The sleepover was mandatory that night

Steph said...

This one time at bandcamp....not really, i just like saying that. I was walking home having just 'scored', LOLZ, that sounds so 1998. Anyhoo, a cop car drove past me, and then slowed down a bit further down the road.
Well i SHAT myself. Thinking this is further evidence of Jebus trying to smite me, i threw the 'gear' LOLZ again, into the long grass of some dero's front yard.

Course i had to keep walking, straight past them, and then wait for them to leave before i could go back to get my 'stash' ha!. I couldn't find it. I looked so hard but could not for the fucking life of me, find it.

Having to go back and tell my friends what happened ( we'd all chucked in) was not a happy event.
To this day, if i drive past that house i have to slow down and have another look.

Los said...

You gotta look at it this way, though - You got a great story to tell because of it .... oh, nevermind.

Rach said...

Stupid Cops
Stupid Nutsack
Stupid Club
Stupid Long Grass

owwww my brain hurts.. I think i damaged my temporal lobe.

Julia said...

$180 parking fine? How do you get that (so I can avoid, as I'm the queen of parking fines)?

My weekend stash was crushed in my wallet, feck. Licking crumbs off gladwrap in a dingy toilet, charming.

Rach said...

cops.. come and try to snatch my crops.

the ludicrous parking fine was in the lower end of Sussex St - we parked in a metered area and didnt pay up - as we figured it was already past ticketing time, and were in a coke-haze.

I think its unfair - as we were clearly out to party in the city and then come back to a fecking parking fine!! die parking coppers die!!

Leisa said...

shit.. i feel rather lame now! all i did was score a 20, smoke joints and watch Napoleon Dynamite and south park... LAME Leisa, Lame.

note to self: go out with Rach... just remember to keep your own supply!!

Rach said...

Note to Self:

Vote for Pedro