Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Biggest Westie

Yesterday, whilst sitting on the ferry, I was reading MX and came across a story that disgusted me to my bones.

Adro - the winner from last years Biggest Loser is writing a book, opening up a chain of weight loss centres, and making a documentary about the surgery he's getting to remove his excess skin.


Adro is the biggest westie since Stormy and Chenise from 'Honey we're Killing the Kids'...

Can't wait to watch that doco... will it come with your own complimentary vomit bag?


leisa said...

Jamie knows Stormy and Chenise. they are Northern Beaches westies.. the worst kind... she works in Narrabeen and lives at the back of cromer.... see... CLOSE TO DEE WHY... I reckon she thinks Dee Why has class too... fuck that kid was terrible.... ever heard of abortions people????
if U can't look after a kid preperly - clothes, time for their education, feed them properly... care about them and spend time with them... then abort it... my taxes should go on making losers sterile rather than feed mouths and drug addictions for fuckwits...


Rach said...



Figures she would live near Dee Why.

I have to admit - I was almost crying at the end of the ep when the mother was crying and actually telling her daughter that she loves her.

Bad Mother Award.