Friday, July 28, 2006

"The Steph Show"

Channel 10 are airing a program that grates on me like cheese on tacos.

They are promoting Stephanie McIntosh from 'Neighbours' - whose character is woefully called Skye Mangel (yeah Mangel as in - " I went to the zoo and tried to pet a tiger but got mauled, hence why my face is mangled this morning" )

She has a single coming out and a reallly shithouse filmclip to go along with it - The show is about her fledgling music career and the filming of said - shithouse filmclip.

See for yourself how shit it is Stephs Shit Clip.

What is most irksome, is that they are replacing the SIMPSONS with this drivel.. granted I am still making my way home at 6'pm weeknights, and won't even get to see any of this show, but you can't replace the SIMPSONS with anything.

Someone should do a seminar when actresses land roles on Neighbours - that under no circumstances are they to EVER pick up a microphone and sing.

The ONLY "Stephs Show" I want to be watching is Steph from Much Ado about Sumthin'.

It would be a lot funnier than Skye Mangel showing us her lack of talent, at least Much Ado about Sumthin' Steph has real talent, ie: writing talent, hotness talent, slipping over talent, dogshit on shoes talent, splinter in vagina talent, dancing her ass clean off talent.


Steph said...

Awwwwww, fuckin hell! I'm moist now.
My own show. Channel Ten are you twats reading this?? Giddy up.

Los said...

You could replace the Simpsons, if you replaced it with Family Guy.

Cibbuano said...

What? Is that why the simpsons isn't on anymore?

well, fuck 6 o'clock.