Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scrote - by Chanel

I like testicle skin..its so soft and versatile... I think it would make a nice purse, or if you had about 1000 of them, a pair of pants.

If I was to do my own version of Buffalo Bill - i'd capture men, keep em in my dungeon, then cut their balls off, and sew fashionable purses together and sell them at Paddington Markets.

Obviously I wouldnt be able to tell people where the 'mysterious skin' came from - so I will tell them that it comes from a very dangerous lizard from Africa - called the Scrotus Manus Bagus... so dangerous that just talking about it could get you killed.

I reckon they would be a hit, and I could sell my scrotey designs to Chanel.

Imagine that campaign - with Nicole Kidman with a testicle sack on her face.

"Scrote..................... by Chanel"


Cibbuano said...

that is fantastic... it'd be good, because all those self-castrating men could make a couple of bucks.

think: you'd could turn it into an art... like italian leather... imagine sydney scrotum

rosiegirl said...

I came across your blog and love it. Being the sick bastard that I am, I also wanted to comment on the most clever Silence of the Lambs reference I've heard in a long time.
Thanks so much,

Russell Allen said...

Why have you posted a picture of Nicole and Keith's wedding?

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