Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pizza X 10 - Will we ever Eat again?

Your arrival was a suprise, Your signs burnt my eyes...
Our favourite was Chicken Delight
Of which we indulged on Big Brother night
With your Neon sign off, No Pizzas for our Occasions.
We sincerely hope that you’re closed for Renovations.


Steph said...

I named and shamed you on my blog. You're now tainted! Sorry bout that :P

Rach said...

woo woo!!



I need to do some talking up of your blog too.

Maybe we should get shirts made?
with matching granny undies!

Steph said...

I'll be in that! Make sure they're light grey in colour, like they were once white but were washed so often with dirty socks that they're now grey!
Or we could just wash them with dirty socks.
Or sumthin'.