Monday, July 24, 2006

Miss Universe = Crap

Anyone could be Miss Universe - you just need perky boobs, a tan and long legs.

What bothers me is their "Miss Universe Crusade" - stop world hunger, cure aids.... yeah if a team of scientists couldn't do that I highly doubt your C cups have a chance..

If I was Miss Universe I would be a little more realistic.
  • make the 'El Maco' part of the regular menu at Maccas
  • cure the divide between the city and make the bridgetoll 50c
  • protest that Pizza x 10 is closing on Military Road
  • make union reforms so that a working week is Mon - Thurs 10am - 4pm
  • change our sporting colours from Green and Gold to Pink and Black
  • make public transport luxurious

now all I need to do is work on my tan.


Los said...

Since I'm a guy, I really couldn't become Miss Universe, without any drastic life-altering surgery. That being said, if I was Miss Universe, I would do the following:

1. Not allow World Cup Finals to be decided by penalty kicks
2. Make prices indicated on items include the sales tax, so you don't have to sit there and try to use math to figure out if you have enough money to buy certain items.

Rach said...

fuck yeah

tax stinks!

I ad that to my list as well.