Thursday, July 20, 2006

Coronary in a Bowl

Restaurant Club 'The Reckoning' was in full flux last night - at CJ's French Fondue.

Meet the Fondue Beanie:

"Je Sui Desolee - La Fromage e Du Fatty a La Hips un Stomacho"

Step One.
NEVER eat off the hot prong - that is a definite Fondon't.

Step Two.
Never say "Carbs" in a Fondue Restaurant - we realise that we just ate about 10,000 calories - we don't need to talk about it.

Step Three.
There can never be enough Marshmallows in a chocolate Fondue.

Fondue is quite a sexual meal, all that dripping cheese and chocolate
"who touched my stick ?"
"where's my meat"
"mmmmmmmmm sooooooo goood!!!!!"
"I think i'll take my pants off - this is too much"
"who dropped this??"

If you are ever in the mindset for a hot cheese injection to the heart - I recommend it highly.

CJ's French Fondue - 99 Military Road - Neutral Bay.


Kram said...

They should bring Fondue back like it was 1983. Masses of cheese pots at Saatchi and saatchi parties.

Julia said...

Why have I not been here?! I'll never get around to hosting my own fondue night and this place looks awesome.

Just falling in love with your blog - thanks Steph!