Monday, July 24, 2006

Accidental Death

I always expect that today will be my last - and that I might die in a freak accident and that'll be the end of me.

The following are things I stress about on a daily basis
  • Getting Kidnapped on the way to ferry and stored in a sexual chamber for months before being shot in the head.
  • Ferry capsizing and drowning
  • Falling off the plank getting off the ferry and getting sucked into the engine
  • Getting whacked with a stick walking home up the dark alley and having my body thrown into the bushes
  • Falling off the crazy-walker at the gym and cracking my head open
  • Slipping over in the shower and crashing through the glass door
  • Choking on a hairball - seen as how my cat sleeps on my head

It's hard being me

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Russell Allen said...

For some reason, at the moment I two irrational death fears...

1. Being struck by lightning.
2. A ute laden with ladders etc on top braking in front of me when I'm on a crossing and coming free and decapitating me.

I reckon that slipping in the shower is the most likely to happen.

It's difficult being us.